COVID-19 update

Calling all partners, exhibitors, speakers & delegates of  the 1st Central-Eastern ITS Congress!

Amid safety concerns due to the current global pandemic, ERTICO – ITS Europe and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan is postponing the 1st Central Eastern ITS Congress from 21-24 September 2020 to 19-21 September 2022.

The Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and City of Kazan will however hold the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference ITS Forum on September 21-24, 2020 during the KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK 2020.
This will be a completely unique event held in a totally virtual format.

In this way, it is planned to still reap the huge benefits, both economically and collaboratively of bringing together ITS players from around the world.
For interested participants, the following opportunities will be available online: panel discussions, virtual exhibition and technical tours, sightseeing views of Kazan, opening and closing ceremonies, as well as a range of virtual networking possibilities.

The upcoming KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK 2020 will include significant events and thematic areas that will provide a rich programme and comprehensive coverage of digitalization issues, as well as related virtual networking opportunities:

  • VI International Scientific and Practical Conference ITS ForumKazan supported by ERTICO-ITS Europe unites various topics in ITS that bring solutions to every part of our daily lives;
  • Cybersecurity in the new era – including an overview of World and Russian trends: technical information security, cyber security in industry, cyber security practice, regulatory legislation in the field of data protection;
  • Fintech ecosystem – highlighting financial technologies in the banking sector, legislative regulation of fintech projects, application of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies in the banking industry;
  • Business Innovations – a topical area which includes emerging trends in business and start-ups; global and Russian venture investment trends, innovative ideas aimed at transforming established business processes.

Papers submitted to 1st Central-Eastern ITS Congress will be included, under general conditions, in the list of papers submitted to the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference ITS Forum for publication.
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Webinars will be organised in June 2020 to present the Forum events.

All necessary information about the events including registration, participation, publication of materials and available audio-video content are presented on the website .

Please keep updated via the website.